Rat Rods: The Hot Rod World’s Frankenstein

Rat Rods: The Hot Rod World’s Frankenstein

Rat Rods: The Hot Rod World’s Frankenstein You’ve most likely detected of “rat rods” or “rat rodding” or “rat rodders” before – however does one really recognize what it means? to know something totally you’d ought to return to the start and for these distinctive vehicles, meaning observing their predecessors – the recent rods.

From HOT to RAT

“Hot rod” was a term accustomed describe a vehicle (usually a Ford Model T) that had been changed for athletics on the road or drag strip. Classic rods were thought of “hot” thanks to the after-sales augmentations that gave users a lot of power and speed – rodders took a modest single carb engine with a high speed of 40-45 miles per hour (which was already nearly 10 times the speed of the standard horse and buggy) and replaced it with a twin carb single engine that permit {in a lot of|in additional} air and let more fuel flow into.


rods were the pride and joy of the many young men getting back from service throughout warfare II and afforded them an break loose the daily grind of civilian jobs and alternative pursuits. These cars were sometimes flashy (for their time) and packed a great deal of hidden extras below the hood.


rods on the opposite hand square measure the poor cousins of the first hot rods – and therefore the house owners really likable and designed them that method. They gave the impression of hot rods that are through a war of their own.


to some definitions, a rat rod is largely AN unfinished, yard hot rod. These ungainly clunkers are relate to the yard as a result of most of the items for these hot rod wannabes were sourced from salvage yards and alternative found items. These ‘unfinished’ wannabes were sometimes place along in a very method that screamed “not done” with the rat rod builder sometimes preceding actual paint for a fast dash of primer with a liberal quantity of rust showing through.

Rat Rods – the transport equivalent of Frankenstein?

These cars, for the foremost half, square measure all concerning “the look”. Builders and mechanics take pride in making rat rods that gave the impression of respectable vehicles however extremely weren’t. they need most of the requisite components however with quite a couple of modifications – doorknobs that perform as automobile handles, an outsized try of pliers in office of AN actual gear shift – if Frankenstein were a automobile, he’d be a rat rod.

For the foremost half, they were originally designe on the frames of Model A’s and alternative cars that would be bought for a song or salvage from junk yards – The first creations were place along out essentially throughout the Depression and house owners disorganize to search out components that were low-cost and in fairly condition (rust optional), irrespective the necessity for it to see “good”.

The Hot Rod vs. Rat Rod discussion

Most hot rod house owners are not huge fans of rats – But, they rank them way higher than those that have use billet rods on their yankee classic. Essentially the largest distinction between a hot rod and a rat rod are that one was change for speed; Whereas the opposite for questionable “looks”.

Rat Rod Clubs

Ratters tend to stay along, forming clubs and golf stroke on events only for their cars. Several members of those clubs value more highly to determine themselves from people. Within the automobile culture by sporting jackets and automobile club shirts with wild design and elaborated styles. There’s a full kind of cartoon design targeted around rat rods additionally. Artists like dysfunction “Big Daddy” Roth designed a his character “Rat Fink” to be the anti-Mickey Mouse. A green, alarming mouse with unhealthy eyes and sharp teeth, Rat stoolpigeon epitomizes the “outsider” perspective of the scene. This kind of design continues to be highly regard and is see on shirts at automobile conventions across the country.

Rat Rods: The Hot Rod World’s Frankenstein

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